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Some day I may make this page more interesting to read, but for now it is just a holding place for files to do with my 200km Audax ride


End of Hibernation 200  8.00 am Sunday March 21st 2010 from Haslingfield Village Hall *Updated 10/03/2010*

This is a ride under the rules of Audax UK

It is not a race or trial of speed. You are expected to follow the rules of the road and show consideration to other road users. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with Audax UK regulations, guidance, and advice. (Members receive these via AUK publications. Others may find them on the AUK website, or may request printed copies from the organiser of the event.)
  » The route is on open public roads.                  » Some routes may be arduous.
  » The route is not waymarked or marshalled.    » You should prepare by studying the route.
  » The organiser provides no rescue service.     » You are responsible for your safety/conduct.


·         Route Sheet in Excel 2007

·         Route Sheet in HTML

·         Information for riders

·         These files are in disguise to fool the server. 

Use your browsers “save as” option and rename them after download by taking off the “.zip” extension

o   Garmin Mapsource file  containing the route in two tracks

o   GPX file

·         Or here is a real Zip containing


The route is on Bikely


See the Audax UK pages for online and snail-mail entry details.  You can also find my contact details there.


For those who prefer a more manageable ride, see Terry Dickerson's 100 km End of Snooze


Last updated 10 March 2010